Doggie's Secret-- We love Pink


Toy Doggie™ Doggie's Secret Spring Series

Puppy owners are flipping for this brand new adorable doggie secret shirt, designed by certified professionals at Toy Doggie. This "we love pink" dog t-shirt is specifically fitted and manufactured to be worn by canines. The adorably feminine puffed sleeves and super cute graphics featured on the product make this one a  "must have". You'll love the way your furry friend looks when she sports this t-shirt, and your pooch will revel in the attention she gets from friends, family members, and even complete strangers when she struts her stuff!

  • 95% cotton 5% spandex; high-quality fabric materials
  • Superior workmanship for optimal fit
  • High elastic waist to avoid pee accidents on the garment
  • Design & Conceptualization made in USA, Puerto Rico
  • Toy Doggie exclusive designs by Certified Pet Fashion Designer Viviana Rivera

Sizing Chart

Size Length Neck Chest
XXS 6.25" 6.5" 10"
XS 8" 7.5" 13.5"
S 10.5" 9" 14"
M 13" 10.5" 16.5"
L 15" 12" 19"
XL 17" 14" 21"

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Price: $15.97